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Our Daytona Beach Sprinkler service is a fully licensed irrigation service in the Daytona Beach area. We are very experienced in the irrigation industry. We guarantee you will always get the best service from us. Our company has proudly served the irrigation needs of Daytona Beach residents. We are simply the best in the area. We offer sprinkler repair services, spring, summer and fall tune ups and rain sensors to help with water conservation. We are specialists when it comes to solving electrical problems, each truck is equipped with the latest technology available. In addition, we have partnerships with many suppliers and can repair just about any problem that we may encounter with your sprinkler system.

 Your Daytona Beach Irrigation Company

Irrigation Repairs, Inc has been serving the Daytona Beach area for many years. We have happy customers in almost every neighborhood in town. Local residents in Daytona Beach trust our services to reliably water their lawn and keep their grass looking green and lush. Our irrigation installations and repairs are second to none, with a satisfaction guarantee that keeps our customers happy, no matter how many times we need to visit your home.

 Our team of expert Sprinkler & Irrigation technicians are ready:

  • Repair or replacement of leaking sprinkler heads
  • Repair or replacement of leaking or malfunctioning sprinkler valves
  • Moving, relocating and the addition of sprinkler heads
  • Leaking sprinkler lines
  • Checking and adjustment of sprinkler heads for proper coverage

 Irrigation Repairs,Inc offers the following:

  • Sprinkler leak repair
  • Sprinkler Controller Repair
  • Repair or replace rain sensors
  • Sprinkler system valve repair
  • Repair broken sprinkler heads
  • Repair or replace sprinkler/irrigation valves
  • Sprinkler system tune up
  • Irrigation system repair
  • Sprinkler system electrical problems
  • Local Sprinkler experts
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 We offer Sprinkler repair service in Daytona Beach

One of the most common service request we receive is to replace broken sprinkler heads. There are many reasons why heads need to be replaced–they’re driven over by lawn mowers, edgers, weed eaters, car tires…or…they become clogged, sometimes permanently damaged by debris…or… a dog chews the top off. Sometimes they just wear out. It is very important to replace defective heads as soon as possible in order to get the water where its needed efficiently and effectively. Also as time goes on your turf will usually become thicker and the heads will start to be covered and obstructed. When this happens water will be obstructed and you won’t get proper coverage resulting in wet and dry spots. To fix this the heads need to be raised and aligned to the proper height to insure proper operation and coverage.

Daytona Beach Sprinkler repair Company

Valves are like gates that open and close allowing water to flow. Each zone in your system has its own valve. Valves in general are pretty tough, they operate underground season after season enduring extreme temperature changes, mineral build-up from hard water and high water pressures, but like any other mechanical device they eventually need servicing. If you have a zone that is not coming on, not shutting off, or is erratic, usually there is a problem with the valve for that zone. I will locate the valve and determine the malfunction. I stock most parts for rebuilding most valves. Sometimes the valve needs to be completely replaced. I will discuss the options with you.

Daytona Beach is a city in Volusia County, Florida, United States. It lies about 51 miles (82.1 km) northeast of Orlando, 86 miles (138.4 km) southeast of Jacksonville, and 242 miles (389.5 km) northwest of Miami. In the 2010 U.S. Census, it had a population of 61,005. It is a principal city of the Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach, FL metropolitan statistical area, which was home to 590,289 people in 2010. Daytona Beach is also a principal city of the Fun Coast region of Florida.

The city is historically known for its beach where the hard-packed sand allows motorized vehicles to drive on the beach in restricted areas.[6] This hard-packed sand made Daytona Beach a mecca for motorsports, and the old Daytona Beach Road Course hosted races for over 50 years. This was replaced in 1959 by Daytona International Speedway. The city is also the headquarters for NASCAR.

Daytona Beach hosts large groups of out-of-towners that descend upon the city for various events, notably Speedweeks in early February when over 200,000 NASCAR fans come to attend the season-opening Daytona 500. Other events include the NASCAR Coke Zero 400 race in July, Bike Week in early March, Biketoberfest in late October, and the 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race in January.