One of the most important things to do around the house going into spring & summer is to check your sprinkler system. It is time to make sure everything is working correctly and all landscaping is getting proper coverage.

The majority of irrigation controllers have a test cycle on the main dial that can be set for 2 minutes. This cycles through each zone and allows enough time to spot problem areas.

Follow the cycle through the yard and mark the problem areas with a flag or colored stick in the ground so you can find and fix leaky heads, heads too low, bent or crooked heads, etc.

Misdirected Head Leaking Head Broken Spray Head

Most repairs on sprinkler heads can be done by the homeowner with parts purchased at one of several sprinkler / irrigation supply stores or hardware stores in Volusia County.

Sprinkler heads with the wrong nozzles on them are one of the most common sources of water waste in Volusia County. The best bet is to always buy the smallest sprinkler nozzle needed to cover the watering area. The nozzle is the small part that screws into the stem and distributes the water. They come in all sizes: the larger the area they cover, the more water they use. Ask your parts seller which nozzle is right for you.

Check for leaks by watching zones with low pressure very closely. This sometimes indicates a leaky pipe. Watch for rapid puddling in a small area inside the zone being tested.

Zones not coming on or zones turning off prematurely may require an irrigation professional.

Remember – every water day you can skip running your irrigation system saves up to, and often more than, 1,000 gallons of water.

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